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After struggling to balance creative work with the responsibilities of motherhood, Brittany discovered the JOY of weaving the two together. Family adventures and craft time became preliminary sketches, motifs and an endless source of inspiration. 

In December 2021, Brittany was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer at the age of 33. What was thought to be a routine MRI turned into a lifesaving discovery of two masses that were not detectable by a mammogram. Not long after "the news" she spent time with her son learning a new set of watercolor brushes and the result was the millefleur array of hydrangeas, roses and daffodils and the Start Before You're Ready design was created. 


"Whether it's being proactive on health matters or pursuing your dreams or ideas, Start Before You're Ready celebrates acting on those nudges to take the first step. In a month, year or decade from now, you'll be so thankful you started today. Don't wait until every piece of the puzzle makes sense - start before you're ready." - Brittany Garber


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